BJJ Belt Promotions plus Rob Castillo Muay Thai fight this Saturday!

The bi-annual Yamasaki Academy Promotions class is this Saturday, Nov 21st at the Yamasaki Academy Team HQ in Rockville, MD. As a result we will not be having Kids or Adult BJJ classes. Adult Muay Thai is still happening at 11:00am.

Location: Yamasaki Academy Rockville
5609 Fishers Ln. Suite 6A and 7A
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: 301-770-0969

Time: Kids Promotions: 9:00am
Adult Promotions: 11:00am

Rob Castillo will have his first Muay Thai fight later that same day at a Muay Thai smoker event at Capital MMA in Ashburn, VA. We wish him luck and know we will represent the Academy and himself well! Good luck Rob!