Yamasaki Springfield Homeschool Program

Homeschool classes are now being offered at our Springfield location!  Contact Coach Kristen Allan at 703-407-3952 for more information about how to register for classes at Yamasaki Academy of Springfield.

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Butterfly guard instructional – Overhook attacks

Here we go with another Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional video with Coach Joe.  In this video we look at attacks from the butterfly guard. In this video we start in full guard and work an overhook on one arm to setup a sequence starting with a choke and ending with a back take.

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Triangle Choke Instructional

Check out the video above of Coach Joe Cunningham going over a variation for setting up and finishing your triangle chokes.  In this situation he is starting from the full guard position using the traditional method to break the opponents posture and over hook one arm.  From there he uses the old school hip switch drills to trap the arms and tighten the choke without having the make big adjustments.  Watch the video below!

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