Fighter Circuit Training

Train like a fighter!

Our Fighter Circuit Training class, normally reserved for our fighters and competitors, is now an open class to the public.  This 45 minute class is a circuit class that has a variety of stations from which you perform a specific exercise for a set period of time.  At the sound of the bell, you move to the next station or begin the new set of exercises.  With a 5 minute warm up to start and 5 minute cool down at the end, each circuit is typically 10 minutes long with 3 total rounds and a 1 minute break between each round.  Each class will be a unique set of stations to ensure we mix it up for best results.

Come try the proven workout program that has helped build success for our Fight Teams and competitors!  We guarantee you will see results in strength, cardio and endurance.

Check out our schedule page to sign up for your FREE Trial Class now!

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