Fundamentals Programs

The Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge Fundamentals programs are designed for beginning students who have little to no prior training experience.  With classes on Monday and Wednesday, the revolving 8 week long programs will cover all the essential basics of grappling and striking with our highly experienced staff.  Each class will cover an independent topic; you will not have to attend the 16 classes in any specific order and can join at any time.  Once your 8 week Fundamentals program has been completed, you will be enrolled into our 1 Program 1 Class/week membership for only $90 a month.  Please let us know at any point during your 8 week Fundamentals Program if you would like to alter that membership.

Both our Striking and Grappling Fundamentals are completely free of charge and open to the public in January, 2017!  Simply register for your first class using the link below and you can come train in our Fundamentals classes completely free of charge for the entire month of January!

Click here to Sign Up for Fundamentals and start the training that will change your life! 


Please note:  Fundamental Programs are currently only available for students age 14+ years old! 

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