Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge Instructors

At Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge we offer high level instruction for all our programs with highly skilled instructors/coaches. An instructor is a person who teaches a subject or skill, a coach is a person who teaches and trains a competitor or team and provides guidance during competition. We consider ourselves not only instructors but, more importantly, coaches. We provide technical instruction, as well as guidance, in training and competition to help you achieve your goals. We know the how to provide the right level on motivation by understanding the weaknesses and strengths or our athletes, competitors, and members. We strive in giving our all to help you achieve your fitness and competitive goals.

As experienced competitors and coaches we understand what it takes to be successful no matter what your goal is.  Our coaching staff consists of the following:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Grappling

Muay Thai / Striking

  • Mark DeLuca – USMTA Kru Certified, Professional World Champion Title Holder
  • Ron King III – Amateur North American Champion with 20 amateur fights

Mixed Martial Arts

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