no long term contracts

We do not like to use the "hard sales" practices here at Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge. Most gyms want to make sure that they try to talk you into signing up as part of the conversation on how much a membership costs. With lots of hidden fees and lengthy, mandatory contracts you may be told that the product is superior and that cost shouldn't be your choice for why you choose where to train.

Which is true. Cost shouldn't be the reason. The quality of the product (the technical information provided), the personalities of the coaches and students and their ability to help you achieve your goals should matter more. Because we feel strongly that our product and atmosphere here is so strong we have no problem being completely transparent on what our prices are. If you wish to train somewhere else because a competitor may cost slightly less, so be it.

We do not do contracts at Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge.

All of our memberships are either one time payments or are month-to-month payments.  We don't believe in holding people hostage for something they either can't do or choose not to do.  We prefer for you to want to be here, not feel obligated.