Judo at Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge

About Judo

Judo was developed in Japan by Jigoro Kano at the turn of the 20th century.  Professor Kano was a trained in traditional Japanese Jujitsu and developed Judo as a way to allow people to practice it everyday and without many of the traditional techniques or training methods.  He created the Kodokan to teach and educate people in his new “Gentle way” and gained popularity rapidly as his students began dominating Jujitsu tournaments.  As Judo became more and more popular in Japan it became part of the Japanese physical education system and spread around the world.  The modern sport of Judo became an Olympic sport in 1964 and is the most popular Martial Art in the world.

The principles behind Judo involve balance, leverage, and movement in the performance and application techniques such as throws and ground work.  In Judo the person who is able to throw their opponent so that the person lands on their back wins the match.  If the person does not land on their back, there is a specific amount of time in which a pin or a submission may be attained otherwise they are stood back up.

Adult Program

The Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge, VA has partnered with Sport Judo Head Coach and world renowned Judoka Maurice Allan.  Maurice Allan is an 8th Dan Judo Black Belt and has competed and won at the highest levels of the sport.  He brings a level of coaching for our Judo Adult Program that is unmatched.  Many of the participants in the Adult Judo class are Judokas from other local schools seeking training from Sensei Mo!

Classes typically begin with a warm up, followed by Uchikomi (Repeated practice without completion) and review of technique, and ends with Randori (live sparring).  Concentration in class is based on competition based techniques and rule sets.  New comers will learn more basic concepts, especially learning proper ways to fall and avoid injury.

Youth Program

We offer a Judo program tailored specifically for children and young teens over the age of 5 and under the age of 14. Our goals for the children are to create extra support to the parents, teaching discipline, self-control, focusing on tasks and improving self-esteem. We believe that these life lessons many of us had to learn the hard way as adults can and are reflected on the mats. However, we also do not believe in unwarranted violence. As such, the technical curriculum for the children’s Judo classes is different from the adults in that we are not showing many of the potentially harmful techniques shown in the adult program and we do not tolerate bullying. First and foremost we want everyone to have fun while at the same time learning valuable skills to be carried with them throughout their life.  We are not a day care facility, however, and we do reserve the right to choose whether or not a child is a good fit for the program.

All Youth classes for Judo are taught by Maurice Allan.

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